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Towing Leader – About Us

Towing Leader is a local towing and roadside assistance vendor in Daly City. We provide our services through a network of independent tow truck operators. Our techs will provide you with premier-quality solutions, at highly affordable prices.

Towing Leader in Daly City was set up years ago with the sole purpose of assisting as many Daly City residents as possible. We’ve built great ties throughout the community with our 24/7 on-time availability rates. We’ve also put together an all-star team of professional roadside specialists that have several decades of combined experience in the trade. We understand how important each passing second is during a roadside emergency situation. That’s the reason we’ve fully committed ourselves to a fast arrival time frame. Our roadside crew is spread throughout the Daly City section of San Mateo. When you need an emergency towing at 2 am, you can be sure that we’ll have your back. Our responsibility is to keep you safe on the road, and we go the extra distance to make sure you get top-notch quality services.

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If you’re currently relocating to another side of town, you’ll need a professional towing company to make your new transition as smooth as possible. We rely on our durable flatbed trucks to safely transport each unique vehicle to its required destinations. Our roadside technicians will carefully secure each wheel to the flatbed so that your vehicle never makes any contact with the harsh gravel. Once the vehicle is raised directly to the top of the ramp, we’ll make the final adjustments, and off we go! We also specialize in handling luxury or exotic vehicles.

Courtesy And Professionalism Is What We Offer

Towing Leader Daly City offers a variety of towing and roadside services that include;

You don’t have to panic if you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your vehicle. We’ll send a friendly and reliable auto locksmith to help get you back inside in no time. We offer 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, in case you need a flat tire changed in the rain or at night. Our roadside crew will have the damaged tire replaced before you realize it. We’re well known for our courtesy and professionalism. These two valuable traits have helped built our prestigious reputation over the years.