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Top Towing Risks You Should Be Aware of

Towing cars or other vehicles is quite a common service. However, due to the risks involved such activities should only be executed by trained professionals.

Here Are Some of The Top Towing Risks:

Should you require towing services, take notice that your service provider avoids them:

Towing Equipment: make sure your service provider uses the correct type of equipment (i.e., heavy duty towing equipment when needed) and that the towing equipment is in good working order (loose or corroded bolts, etc.). Don’t allow having your car towed if something seems wrong with the towing equipment.

Safety First: make sure the technician tightly secures your vehicle to the towing equipment so it won’t be subjected to additional damage.

Driving: ask your service provider to put a special emphasis on safe driving. Some of the top towing risks have to do with accelerating, breaking, and turning. Cautious driving will most likely prevent such risks.

Towed Vehicle’s Tires: this is largely unknown to non-professionals, but the tires of the towed vehicle have to be undamaged and fully inflated. Otherwise, your car might flip over, the load balance may be uneven, etc.