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Flat Tire Change

Although we are all, at some point, taught how to change a flat tire most for most of us it is a quite a formidable challenge do perform a flat tire change in a real life situation.
There are many reasons for this, in real life there may be heavy traffic passing by, the train may be uneven, we may find it hard to remove hubcaps, open nuts or operate the jack. Many of us are just not technically inclined enough for a job such as this.
At Towing  Daly City we are well aware of this. Since our goal is to provide Daly City’s local community with swift, reliable solutions to any kind of Towing or roadside assistance needs we naturally offer a flat tire change service among our comprehensive range of services.

Faster than You could Hope for

At Towing Leader Daly City we operate a 24/7 dispatch and have techs at the ready at any time, day or night, all year round. We know how frustrating it is to be stuck with a disabled vehicle, especially when the problem is a minor one, a mere flat tire. We take pride in getting you back on track as quickly as possible. This is why we guarantee a 30 min ETA of expert techs who will then perform the flat tire change for you in no time flat.

A Flat rate for a Flat Tire Change

At Towing Leader we charge according to a strict honest billing policy. Ours is a professional outfit out to assist and not to take advantage of trouble encountered by overcharging.
Our flat tire change service is no exclusion, you pay for the service you receive, no extras and no hidden costs.

Let Professionals Do it for You

There are three reasons why it’s best to call in professional techs to perform a flat tire change for you. They will have the job done quicker, safer and leave you clean and ready to go on with your day.
So, even if you could, ultimately, change the flat yourself  it may still be best to call in Towing Leader Daly City’s professional techs to do it for you.

Our roadside services include:

  • Flat tire change
  • Battery jump start
  • Battery charge, dead battery replacement
  • Gas filling
  • Auto locksmith solutions
  • On and off road recovery (“winch”)
  • Any other type of roadside assistance  you may require

We also supply all types of towing services.