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Heavy Duty Towing Services in Daly City

There are certain occasions when regular towing equipment can’t get the job done. Even worse, there are times when using regular towing equipment can cause even greater harm. At such times and occurrences, heavy-duty towing equipment is needed and a professional provider of heavy-duty towing, such as Towing Leader, is the only one who can get you out of the mud (sometimes, literally). Towing Leader provides heavy duty towing near me services through an affiliate network of independent tow truck operators, delivering fast and professional service.

When do I need heavy duty towing?

Each time you’ll need large vehicles towed heavy duty towing services should be involved. Heavy machinery, trucks, 4X4s, pickup trucks, and the like, can’t be towed using regular towing equipment due to their weight and size and due to the complexity of towing such vehicles.
Our teams are more than capable of offering the most suitable heavy-duty towing solution. They will first assess the situation, the vehicle, and the surroundings. Then, they’ll proceed to carefully and meticulously harness your vehicle, while ensuring its safety and putting to good use their vast experience and exhaustive training.

Why should I choose Towing Leader for my heavy duty towing needs?

Being a comprehensive roadside assistance services provider, Towing Leader embodies several advantages that help us in helping you!

  • A part of Daly City community: Towing Leader has been an integral part of the community for many years. As such, we hold it dear to give back as best we can – by offering our professional services to meet your heavy duty towing needs.
  • We’re here to take your call: we have people manning our dispatch center 24/7. Try us!
  • Swift response: even for the most complex, elaborate heavy duty towing near me services – we’ll be on site within minutes freeing you to get on with business.
  • Certified technicians: our entire staff is specially trained and certified to handle heavy-duty towing.
  • A large fleet: Towing Leader holds a large and expansive tow truck fleet to meet any towing need that might arise.

Our Roadside Assistance Services in Daly City

Heavy-duty towing is not the only thing we excel at. Towing Leader offers comprehensive and complementary roadside assistance services: